Friday, October 2, 2009

Drop The Puck already!

Don't you feel it? And can you friggin believe it? NHL regular season hockey is finally here! And as for us - the entire Blueshirt Brothers staff is stoked, liquored up and ready to go.

Tonight the puck drops on a brand new Rangers season. And forget about about easing in to this year - our heroes will be facing the big guns right away:

We start by playing none other than the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins - in their home opener - on their home ice.

You can't ask for a more blood-pumping beginning than that. Sidney Crosby. Evgeni Malkin. The champs will be gunning for us.

And for our side:

We'll be showcasing newcomers like: Marian Gaborik, Higgins, Kotalik, and Prospal

We'll be feeding off the energy of youngsters like Gilroy, Del Zotto and Anisimov

And of course we'll be leaning heavily on our returning nucleus - Hank - Sean - Dubi - Calli.

And right now - as you're reading these words - everything in our season is still perfect. No injuries yet for Gaborik. No goals allowed for Hank. No tirades yet for Tortorella. No horrendous play from Redden It's all pristine.

The big question is: Can we be better this year? Well, I can't speak for Nugman, but Dave Pucks says Yes We Can. And here's why:
  • We will forecheck better

  • We will score more at even strength.

  • We will manage Hank better physically (with rest) and emotionally (by giving the poor guys a few leads to work with)

  • We will convert more powerplay goals

  • We will get more offense from our defensemen

  • We will even win more shootouts
But enough forecasting. Enough off season analysis. Enough waiting. I want to stand and cheer again. I want to sing the goal song. I want to jump back on that emotional rollercoaster one more time.

Drop the friggin Puck! Let's Go!

Let's Go Rangers!

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