Friday, October 16, 2009

Nugman - Don't Leave Us!

What do you know - We have a little bit of drama over here at Blueshirt Brothers.

As you've probably read by now - the amazing Nugman has posted that he plans to gradually step away from this site and gently fade into the Internet ether.

Well, this just sucks donkeys, and no one knows it more than yours truly Dave Pucks. I launched this little web show because of Mr. Nugman in the first place. I really liked his emails on the Rangers and wanted to amplify and share them with you folks. I am the original Nugman wanna-be - long before Steve Zipay started trying his own lame version of the in-game-post and Jeff Klein started borrowing our story ideas. Nugman is my Ranger blog hero and I will be very very sad to see him go.

I've let Nugs know the door is always open here - this will always be his home and he's welcome to post whenever the mood hits him. He will now and forever be a Blueshirt Brother - and nothing can change that.

I'm hoping this is all the result of some bad acid or a five star hangover and Nugs will find his way back here. I think he skated too long and hard a shift right out of the chute and just burned himself out for a while.

Look - his in-game posts are a thing of beauty. The man spouts cohesive, emotionally charged, manifestos - like, 12 times in the same hockey game. It's super-human. And it's no wonder it's wearing him down. Just save that for the cup finals, Nugs. We'd be more than happy to get a quick game recap or a sporadic rant.

He's emailed me about stepping away before. But he sounds serious this time.

So I set up a little poll in the right hand corner here. And I'm asking all of the BlueShirt Brothers faithful to rise up as one and show Nugman some love. Click on that "don't go" option. Show Nugs that you're alive out there and you enjoy reading his lunatic masterpieces as much as I do.

It's the right thing to do. Give the man his due respect and send him off with a little class. And maybe, just maybe - if enough of you let him know how you feel - we might coax him back on the ice.

So don't just sit there reading this- vote! Vote like you've never voted before. Nothing less than a man's blogging life hangs in the balance.

Sincerely - Dave Pucks

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