Monday, October 26, 2009

Rangers and Coyotes trade penalties...Higgins continues to miss

The Rangers started the period shorthanded, but were able to kill off Avery's penalty. Avery returned to the ice, and as he always seems to do, made ammends and drew a power play for the Rangers. The Rangers turned in a relatively uneventful power play as the puck drifted back and forth along the blue line, but rarely actually shot towards the net, where Higgins was waiting for a rebound.

2 points for Higgins on the season....has to get it going. Torts benched him in Montreal, where he played for 6 years, as a wake up call. Tonight he has gotten him out there on the power play twice, but still no results.

14:31 left in the second, and refs missed a penalty on the Coyotes

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