Monday, October 26, 2009

Avery takes a late penalty, Rangers lead 2-0 after 1

Avery goes to the box with just over a minute left in the first, to give the Coyotes a power play that should end up carrying over to the second (hopefully). Offensive zone penalty for Avery, tick tack call, but can't take one like that when up 2-0 and putting a road team that looks like they have no interest in showing up tonight to sleep. I won't say it was hollwegian, but perhaps it was "avery-ian"*? Don't want to give the Coyotes any chance to think they can get in this game.

UPDATE: First period over, Rangers lead 2-0. Rangers allow 9 shots in the first, but unlike Montreal, almost no quality chances. (On offense, just 5 shots. Rangers aren't giving up anything, but don't seem to have a lot of life in their legs either)

Observation: From the always raucus atmosphere in Montreal the other night, to...whatever is going on at the garden tonight. Typically weak opponent, maybe some people suffering a little Yankees hangover, maybe a little Giants depression, who knows, but I can't remember such an enormous dropoff in crowd noise and life from one Rangers game to the next.

* - New Nugman phrase, averyian penalty? A penalty that is stupid, usually caused by a player playing with anything but his head, but almost never hurts the team since the guy was just made to play in New York and his kharma is just too good.

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