Saturday, October 17, 2009

Checking out, just for Tonight

While the outpouring of emotion and sentiment has been wonderful, it has done zero to detract from the fact that I am a booze hound that simply can't handle the rigors of the life associated with a professional blogger. The constant updates. The interesting pictures. The dress code. All too much for me to handle. And now, there is a dilemma. Do I want to do the in game Rangers updates tonight against the winless Maple Leafs as the Rangers march to their 7th straight victory? Of course I do....but the Yanks are also in the ALCS, and my buddy and I (a blueshirt brothers follower who is actually a devils fan) will be getting hammered at his place, so....blogging is unlikely. Not to mention, around the second period, my attention will become divided. So just letting you all know, I am taking this evening off. I am going to try and recharge my batteries for the next Rangers game. And here's hoping Dave Pucks doesn't write any more sad/desperate posts. Go Rangers.

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