Friday, October 16, 2009

Rangers can score

See Dave Pucks analysis of the Rangers scoring abilities early in the season below. Apparently we both woke up on the same page, but my hangover prevented me from getting to the page first. The bottom line is, there are only two teams in the NHL averaging 4 goals per game or better. One is the Rangers (leading the eastern conference), and the other is the Dallas Stars (leading the west, but with 2 less game played, means they gotta catch up). In summation, scoring is good. When you have a good goalie, and score lots of goals, you win games. (Yes, that's right, the Rangers are nowing scoring more goals per game than the CAPITALS) Currently on Pace for a nice 328 goals....I'd be happy with that. (Gaborik on pace for somewhere between 68-71 goals...I'd be happy with that also)

Anyway, a pole update for you. As many of you remember, our first pole decided conclusively that the Rangers were on their way to a deep playoff run this year, probably the eastern conference finals. And as there play now indicates, we may have short changed them just slightly. (And those of you that picked them to miss the playoffs, well, I no longer wish you get ecoli, but I do hope you don't home school your kids) Our newest poll was about blog additions. There has been some upheaval at the BlueshirtBrothers as I am constantly trying to diminish my role, because I simply don't have the will or energy to be part of such a fine establishment. I will be gradually phasing myself out, but in the mean time, I am happy to report that of the 21 votes received, a league leading 8 were recorded for the addition of hot chicks. Followed closely with a 7 for more funny pics with odd captions. Dave Pucks is head of the funny pics and captions department, and I am sure the 33% of you that want more of that will be happy to know he has heard your message loud and clear and is on the case. But for the rest of you, I offer you a little Marissa Miller, in honor of today's theme, "scoring"

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