Monday, October 12, 2009

Redden scores? Mercy Rule?

I remember hating the mercy rule in little league. Because my team was always beating the other by 15 runs, and yeah, it's fun to beat a team so badly they have to leave the field before finishing the game, but I wanted to play. That said, had I been one of the fathers watching that game, I would totally root for the mercy rule, get it over with, and go home so I can drink and pretend to care that my son got a "homerun", which was really a single followed by a comedy of three throwing errors by the infielders.

I want this game to be over. I have no desire to see a 10-0 game. I'd rather practice spanish.

Redden scores? Redden?!?! I ask again...why is this game being played?

Prospal, 5 game point scoring streak, gets an assist. Doobie picks up his second assist (drinks on doobie tonight)

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