Monday, October 12, 2009

Doobie has started drinking early

The final minutes of periods have not been good to the Rangers tonight. Doobie clearly decided to do some celebratory shots after the first period and his "2 point" performance. For whatever reason, he just decided to take out a Leafs player along the boards, almost cutting Blake's knees off, and right in front of the line judge. The second truly, "Hollwegian" penalty of the season.

UPDATE: Callahan and Drury (how good how the two of them been so far this season on the penalty kill?) take the puck up ice 2 on 1, Callahan tries to set up Drury for a deflection in front of Toskala, but Drury is cross checked in to Blake. I guess he felt sorry for Doobie. Power play is over.

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