Monday, October 12, 2009

Redden gets taken game as a Ranger?

The Leafs keep the pressure on Hank, and after a big save, Toronto hits the post. Redden went to retrieve the puck and was tripped by Hagman.

Redden with a goal, drawing a penalty, and while he did give up a breakaway on Hank, it was only HALF his fault, since Brashear takes some early to say best game as a Ranger?

Think Sather is sitting up in a box somewhere like Corbin Bernson in Major League II screaming "I Bought him!".....while thinking about getting Pavel Bure's agent on the line and seeing if the old boy still has the legs he didn't have the first time Sather brought him to New York.

5:49 left in second

UPDATE: Leafs kill a lame attempt at a power play by the Rangers, then get one of their own (their second of the night) as Higgins leaves for Interference

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