Sunday, October 11, 2009

12 minutes left in 2nd...still scoreless

Different period, same story. The Ducks have a little more life in them (probably after a verbal beating in between periods from their coach after their 1 shot first period performance), but still aren't generating much if anything against the Rangers.

On the other side, the Rangers haven't been able to solve Giguere. Rangers out shooting the duck 21-5 now, still haven't lit the lamp. (Avery, Gaborik, Girardi lead the team, each with 3 shots on goal)

UPDATE: Kotalik takes a penalty in the offensive zone, and Ducks will have a chance on the power play to take an inprobable lead in a game where they have been dominated from the opening minute. 10:36 left in the second


  1. I wonder what the duckboats are up to in Boston today. I mean, they are certainly not being "cued". Just heard from a buddy of mine, standing outside Fenway...he said Game On (the bar just outside the park where everyone - including team players - goes after games to celebrate) is dark. This pleases me.

  2. Hahahaha, yeah. I hate boston. I hate their fans. I hate their national sports network (ESPN), so that was enjoyable. With A Giants blowout, hopefully a Rangers win, and a Yanks victory tonight, could be a glorious day.