Sunday, October 11, 2009

ANUS SCORES! Rangers lead 2-0

Rangers get their second power play goal of the game. After a double minor is called on the ducks for a high stick on staal, the rangers capitalize in the 3rd minute of the power play. Avery chased the puck in the back of the net, passed to Prospal, who threw a perfect blind pass to a wide open Anisimov in front of Giguere and he buried it for a 2-0 Rangers lead, and the Rangers second PP goal of the third period.

(When Anisimov scores on the power play, can we call is a "Anal play"? Anyone?)

Anyway, Rangers lead 2-0, 3:16 left in the 3rd


  1. (When Anisimov scores on the power play, can we call is a "Anal play"? Anyone?)

    Can't we call him Spicy? Anise is a tasty spice and not as negative as your idea :-) Now, if he starts turning over pucks and making bone-headed plays, then Anal it is!

  2. Hi Andrea:

    Welcome to Blueshirt Brothers. We've had a lot of comments posted - but I think you are our first Blueshirt Sister to weigh in. Welome aboard. Your idea of using the "Anise" instead of my partner Nugman's more crude term shows that you're someone who has a little sophistication - something we sometimes lose sight of over here. By the same token - I don't think Nugman will like it for exactly the same reason.

    Let us know if you can think of a nickname for Gaborik. I suggested "The Gift" as in "the gift of gab" - but I don't think that's ging to work. "Gabby" isn;t getting it done either.

    anyway - thanks for the comment and keep them coming!

  3. I am not going with the gift of gab, still "the difference" for me until otherwise changed.

    I can deal with not calling anisimov anal play, since I was actually joking. If I was going to refer to anyone on the Rangers as a rectum, it would be Rectum Redden, or Rozsival.