Monday, October 12, 2009

Rangers go shorthanded...still dominating

The Rangers take a too many men on the ice penalty. (Secretly I bet he loves it. Gives him a reason to yell at the team, get them to focus, and to pretend this is going to be a close game and to not coast)

Down 4 men on 5, you'd probably still give the edge to the Rangers. Great play by Drury to shake off a defender, and to get the puck to Callahan in front of Toskala. Callahan put a good shot on it, but Toskala had to get lucky at some point this season (pictured). It remains 2-0

Rangers kill the Leafs power play, as Rosen starts talking about how "steady" Redden has been. "steady" is an announcer word for "irrelevant" and "non-existent". And yeah, Redden has been irrevelant....for 6 million dollars. And here's hoping he stays irrelevant and doesn't start hurting the team.

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