Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rangers Keep Rolling: Beat Leafs 4-1

I'll have the full recap for you guys tomorrow morning - but I just wanted a quick moment to say:

Can you friggin believe this?

We're tied with Pittsburgh with 14 points at the top of the entire NHL. As I am writing this - we have the most goals of any team at 32. We are 7 and 1.

Coming in to the season - I thought we'd be good. At least, I hoped we be good. But I never in my wildest imagination thought we'd be this good. I mean, the Flyers, for example, are a pretty good hockey team. And they're 3-2-1. And they trail us by 7 points already.

Right now it's very simple. If we can score 4 goals a game, as we have averaged over the first eight contests, it's going to be very tough for any other team to beat Hank for three goals, let alone four.

Anyway - more analysis in the morning - but right now - it just feels really good to be a Rangers Fan. Enjoy the moment - because starts like this are extremely rare around here.
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  1. Can you please add a fourth option to the vote:

    "Nugent stop being a pussy and just blog the games"

  2. Raymond - I hear you. Maybe you can talk to the guy...