Monday, October 12, 2009

Power Ranking Revisement

It seems the brain trust at ESPN has seen the error of their ways in ranking one of only two teams to make the playoffs in the east EVERY year post lockout at # 22 to start the season. (When you add in the fact that they have a goalie that has finished as a vezina finalist every year of his short career, it really makes you wonder if the Power Rankings were a realistic assessment, or just wishful thinking)

That's right, # 5....probably a bit high, but based on the play so far, very deserving.

Gotta love being a New York Fan. Especially Yanks, Giants, Rangers. Why? Not only are the teams competitive and excellent, and usually favorites to win it all...but they always play in the best division in the sport. Giants, NFC EAST, usually, with Giants, Dallas, Eagles and the Redskins when Campbell is not QB, 4 bruising, playoff caliber teams. The Yanks and AL East, Yanks, and Red Sox, two teams of the decade, and now the Rays, and usually Toronto, who would win the AL Central, usually the NL Central and compete for the NL West as well. And now the Rangers, with the Flyers and Penguins in the Atlantic, and with Brodeur lurking to make a run to make the Devils at least competitive, love New York Sports. (And just really glad I don't follow the Jets, Mets, or'd be kind of like being Angelina Jolie's sister I would imagine)

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