Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rangers soft in front of net, 1-1

The Rangers decide that after giving up a great chance on a 3-2 on Hank, they would try and make this a night for Hank to really show case his talents, by not playing any defense. Somehow Ryan Smyth (whose only ability on the ice is his ability to deflect pucks in front of the goal tender) somehow gets behind the Rangers blueline (which, for all their offense so far, and overall solid play, still has little to no physical presence, other than the occasional check along the boards by Marc Staal, followed by 2 minutes of glorification of the check by Joe Michelleti). With no one between Hank and Smith, Kopitar of the Kings fired it on net, and Smyth deflected it past Hank to tie the game at 1.

12:26 left in the first, game tied 1-1

UPDATE: Smyth giving the Rangers defense fits right now. Uses his body to shield Girardi from the puck, and to prevent Smyth from getting to the net, Girardi had to reach out and grab Smyth. He's going to the box, Kings on their first power play

EXTRA SPECIAL UPDATE: Rangers kill the power play. Nice work by Drury again, but also Gaborik (who is starting to see time on the penalty kill unit. Torts using him towards the end of the 2 minutes, I think hoping for tired offensive players who may have stayed on for an extra long shift to try and score, and he figures Gaborik can beat them down the ice for a short handed opportunity). 9:32 left in first period

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