Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here's hoping that period is a once a month occurence for Rangers

Rangers are being outshot 26-20 thru 2 periods. Kings are also winning the "steam rolling the goalie" category 2-0.

I'm not going to say the Rangers played a Redden period, but damn close to it. Maybe instead of a curtain rod, they were plugged up with tampax. Can't say what it was, but you'd think the Kings were the team that has won 7 straight home games dating back to last season, and has won 5 in a row overall.

20 minutes for the Rangers to get the win streak to 6, and to ensure that I never meet a Kings fan.

(For those new to the blog, scroll down to get full game updates, right from the pre-game, to Rozsival's next crippling turnover in his own zone)

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