Monday, October 12, 2009

Avery scores his first! Pumps fists like its playoff time.

Rangers lead 4-2 as Avery scores his first goal of the season. As bad as the last minute of the first and second have been, the opening minute of the first, second, and third have been equally good. (Sounds like a team that comes out focused, sees how terrible Toronto is, and begins to ask itself, "Why bother?")

Strong shift for Anisimov as he catches a loose puck shoulder high, gets it down on the ice and takes a hard shot on net, the puck then finds its way from Drury to Avery, who flips a backhander past the impossibly bad Toskala, and it's 4-2.

I was going to put a pic of Avery up earlier and comment about how he has had ZERO impact on the game, but I decided to hold back since I knew Avery would come back to make a fool out of me just to be a jerk.

18 minutes left in 3rd

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