Monday, October 12, 2009

Leafs find way to score on Hank...cheat, it's 2-1

Leafs score with 45 seconds left in the period. Hank was lying on his stomach as a puck was flipped over his head into a wide open net.

Why was Hank lying down on the job? As he complained to the officials, it was because a Leafs player KICKED HIS FRONT LEG OUT. Spinning him around, and knocking him down and out of position, setting up the Leafs goal.

The officials didn't give the Hank the call, why? 2 reasons contributed most likely: 1) They didn't see it. These guys just don't have the eyes or reaction to keep up with the speed of the game...they just don't., 2) Those who might have seen it, also saw that Rozsival was equally responsible for pushing the Leafs player into Hank.

Note to Rozsival: Being an "enforcer" means knocking the guy on his ass. Not knocking him into Hank, and thus knocking Hank on his ass.

2-1 Rangers after 1

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