Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fatso Prevails - Rangers Fall 4-2

With Nugman watching the Yankees and drinking (or gone forever - I'm not sure which) your faithful blogger Dave Pucks remains at his post. I'll have the full recap with your morning coffee - but a few quick thoughts on a tough loss before calling it a night:

Some exciting play - and some good efforts by your heroes. They dug out of a 2 goal hole - but never get that third goal Hank needs to win. We looked a little tired and slow - it could be the Devils 4 days of rest - but we always seemed to be chasing and it was always a huge struggle to get the puck around.

Tortorella who had been so patient in letting his lines develop - just started throwing different combinations out there at random. I'm not sure it was wise - but at least Torts is a coach who coaches. If it's not working - he has the courage to try something else.

Still - you hate to lose. Especially to these guys. Especially at home.

I'll have more for you past midnight....

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