Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rangers have decided to stop playing

Shell shocked a bit by watching their Goal tender hammered into the boards for the 5th time in 4 periods, the Rangers are taking a "maybe if we don't try anymore, they won't try anymore" approach to the game. Not surprisingly, the result has been that they are getting badly out played right now, but still hold a 3-2 lead.

UPDATE: Torts screaming at the team during the TV timeouts again. Not a lip reader (aside from my "Best Lip Reader in Connecticut" trophy), but pretty sure Torts said, "STOP THE REDDEN SHIFTS! RAISE YOUR F*CKING GAME"
UPDATE 2: Torts felt the TV timeout wasn't enough, so he is using a full timeout here. Not as much screaming here, just more pacing and staring at people.
6:15 left in the second period

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