Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rangers beat Giguere!...but not the post

After killing the ducks power play, the Rangers rushed up ice where Gaborik ripped a wrist shot that got Michelleti as moist in his pants as is possible from watching a hockey player shoot on goal. It actually BEAT Giguere...but not the post, making a nice big clank, sending an even bigger groan through out the garden, and we remain tied.

7:15 left in second, Rangers lead in shots 22-9


  1. Can we get a picture of a goalpost? I prefer pictures for each update. Here are my top 3 suggestions after much research (google imageing "puck hitting goalpost"). The first one is my favorite...that's just great techique by the goalie. Always close your eyes and pray when attempting to make a save. Not sure what's going on in the last link, but Google claims its relevant and computers are smarter than me.

  2. Hey Ray

    Thanks - we used your photo - and added a picture of the post.