Wednesday, October 14, 2009

6:04 to go to 6 in a row

Gaborik's goal makes it 13-3 in favor of the Rangers in the third period so far this season in 7 games.

Certainly not a perfect game by any means for the Rangers. The defense has been ultra soft, Redden has had 8 or so Redden shifts.

Hank has been hit so many times, you almost wonder if he remembers that he planned to have sex with the princess of Sweeden after the game.

No but seriously, 6:04 to go in the third, what's more likely? Hank blows a 2 goal lead? Or Hank gets blown by the Princess of Sweeden tonight? (I consider the second one about a 1,000% chance of happening, so...that pretty much answers that question)

UPDATE: Girardi takes a penalty, with a little less than 6 minutes to play. Kings will get their 6th power play (1 for 5)

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