Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some more thoughts on The Hank Pancake

(reminder, for those just joining the in game recaps, scroll down to pre-game thoughts, to catch all you missed in the first period)

Whether or not Hank is being run over intentionally is the hot topic of the first intermission. Assistant coach Sullivan and Captain Drury both took the same stance of "well, all around the NHL, coaches preach for guys to go to the net to score.....don't know if they are doing it intentionally"

Which is all fine, but it also depends a lot on who your goalie is. Someone like Fatso (Brodeur) in Jersey, has always been hit a lot, or had little scrapes and contact. But a big reason for that is Brodeur frequently plays outside his crease. He is usually out in front of the net, and often he initiates the contact. A guy like Hank plays far back in the net. Probably as far back as any goalie in the league. There is almost no legit reason for anyone to ever run into him, unless Redden or Rozsival stupidly pushed the guy in to Hank. And in 3 of the 4 cases these last 2 games, Redden and Rozsival had nothing to do with it. Tonight, Peter Harrold was called for goalie interference. He might have been pushed "slightly", but then DOVE into Hank, and intentionally raised his left arm, delivering a blow to Hanks head and knocking him on his rear. Everything about that looked intentional to me.

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