Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RANGERS WIN 4-2!!!, 6 in a row

Gaborik has a shot at the empty netter in the final seconds, instead passes it up to give Prospal a shot at the hat trick. An unselfish play that Michelleti and Rosen will over dramatize and glorify for weeks to come. It was nice of Gaborik, and if it was Prospal's first goal, or first hat trick, or first playoff goal (As Shanny did with Doobie against the Devils 2 years ago), that's one thing...but Prospal has 201 the game Gaborik. (And that would have been his NHL leading 7th goal!)

I wait with eager and wet anticipation for Dave Pucks thoughts in the morning, but here's my quick take on the game I just blogged. (Scroll ALLLL the way down to get the pre-game thoughts, and read all the way thru to see what you missed)

Nugman's 3 stars:

Honorable mention: Gaborik. Amazing goal in the third period (all 6 goals this season in the 3rd), and some excellent play on the penalty kill, where he is getting more and more time.

# 3 - Kotalik: Picked up 2 assists on the power play (the sudden emergence of the power play has coincided with Kotalik's point scoring streak), and actually made a PHYSICAL and LEGAL defensive play late in the third period to keep Kopitar from blasting away at Hank from 10 feet away.

# 2 - Prospal: 2 goals (200, 201 on his career), both power play goals, also picked up an assist on the ridiculous shot from Gaborik in the 3rd to ice the game. Intensity is great, and Prospal brings that, but Intensity with RESULTS is what wins. Points in 6 straight games for Prospal, 10 on the season in 7 games, fantastic start for him. (big night for Moron sather, 3 off season pick ups are prominent tonight)

# 1 - Hank: Rosen and Michelleti were right about one thing, the Rangers have been so good so far, on both sides of the puck (their defense, while not physical, has still done a decent job of limiting good scoring chances and keeping the puck to the boards) that Hank really hasn't HAD to win a game for them, well, he did tonight. The Rangers let the Kings do whatever they wanted for the most part all night long, and Hank was the difference. 34 saves in 36 shots, he has won 5 in a row (team 6), moving to 5-1-0 on the season. (40 wins for him seems like a lock. Only goalie in NHL history with 30+ wins first 4 seasons, looks like its going to be 5) Rangers were out shot 36-21, tonight was all about Hank.

3 goals for Hank: The Rangers have now scored 3 or more in SIX straight games (The Rangers...offense...still hard to believe). Five of them for Hank, where he and the team are 5-0-0

Avery Wins: The Rangers looked good before Avery returned, but the winning percentage with him in the lineup is always ridiculous. 3-0-0 so far this season.

Rangers own the 3rd: 7 games this season, the Rangers have outscored the bad guys 13-3 (6 for Gaborik....Gaborik has outscored the opposition by 3 in the third period)

Del Zotto here to stay: Another 2 point game for the 19 year old. Now leads NHL rookies with 8 points...he's not going anywhere any time soon.

Home Field/Ice Advantage: The Rangers are 4-0-0 on the season at the garden (8 wins in a row dating back to last regular season). Love the idea of the Rangers hosting a Game 7 in the playoffs.

SOOO close: Penguins went to a shootout. Had Carolina won, Rangers would move to first in the conference...but the Champs won. So Rangers remain in 4th despite being tied for Eastern Conference points lead.

More on the Rangers offense and Special teams from Dave Pucks tomorrow. I might even chip in some blogging depending on what time I get out of bed.

Next Game: Saturday in Toronto at 7 pm. Depending on the ALCS, I might not be around for that one, but I'll check back in prior to let you all know.

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