Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nugs is right

Nugman is right of course. The 2 other first place teams and the 'Guins are technically in front of the Rangers - due to the way the league is set up and the tiebreaker and all.

But come on man, the Rangers have 10 points and I just can't bring myself to put them below teams with less points.

So I kept on moving the Rangers up on pure emotion. And Nugs kept cleaning up my mess.

So anyway - my apologies to the Nugman and I will try to keep my standing updates within the confines of the actual rules of hockey - so that I'm helping rather than making more work for him.

By the way - a little history - the last time Nugs and I actually saw or spoke to each other was many years ago when we both worked at the same company. And I think we said maybe a few sentences a handful of times back then. I noticed he had a Rangers screensaver or something like that and we talked about the team really briefly.

But then a few days later one of us emailed the other something about the Rangers and suddenly this endless mutual rant was off and running.

Our multi year single topic Internet correspondence eventually became this odd little website you're looking at right now.

I'm a little older than Nugs, I've managed to put a little family together with Mrs. Pucks and Pucks Junior. But there are plenty of nights I end up on the pull out couch as well - so we're more alike than he may think.

Now I'm thinking that next week's poll should be:

Should Nugman and Dave Pucks get together to watch a Ranger's game (and drink heavily?)

A - no way - the blog is functioning well - don't mess it up

B - yes - after all these years and posts the founders should see if they still recognize each other.

C- To appease the Hockey Gods they should not break radio silence until the Rangers win the cup

What do you say, Nugs?

Stay tuned to get Nugman's great in-game posts. Because real men don't twitter - and his posts are little manifestos - way beyond that 160 character limit - as they should be.

And to echo my friend's sentiments dear reader - please take a minute and join us as an official follower. (I'm pretty sure you can comment anyway even if you're not a follower - but that's another story entirely). Back after the game.

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