Sunday, October 11, 2009

About to start, Vally in goal for the Blueshirts

Part of me is obviously a little bummed that Hank isn't in net, especially against one of the top teams in the west in Anaheim, but it's a thinking long term move from Torts.

First, you have to get Vally in there at some point, Hank can't play them all.

Second, the Rangers had 2 days off prior to this game, giving Hank 3 days off early in the season is nice, and should make a difference for him if they can give him breaks like this during the year.

Third, the Rangers play tomorrow at home, and you don't want to start Hank both games, so Torts is going with a little strategy here: IF you start Hank today, and lose, then your going with Vally tomorrow, with a tired team, looking at a potential 2 game losing streak on home ice? Also, if Hank does take the loss, you don't want him sitting around waiting and thinking about it. So you start Vally the first game against the better ducks, and if he can pull it out, huge game for his confidence, as well as the team, and you got a fresh and rested Hank to pick up the tired legs of the defense tomorrow, going for 5 wins in a row.

Rangers gotta back Torts up to make it work out.

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