Monday, October 19, 2009

F Hindsight

This isn't an 20/20 garbage, I barked this saturday night when the Rangers were dismantling the Maple Leafs, as my loyal devil fan follower Matt could attest to. The Rangers playing in Toronto, against maybe the worst team in the NHL (at the moment), in a place where Valiquette has had great success in his limited could Torts' plan (which he masterfully worked the last time he wanted to get Hank rest) not only be to get Hank LESS rest (he could have gotten him what, 4-5 days had he skipped him saturday), but to start Hank against the probable win in Toronto, and Valiquette at home against the far superior, both offensively, and in net, Sharks?

I don't understand it. The move makes no sense to me. And now seeing that Hank got the win in Toronto (a game where he ended with a lot of saves, but my drunken eyes didn't see many good chances in a game the Rangers again dominated), and Vally gets lit up against San Jose.....why? All I can wonder is why? To get Hank another easier win? Because Toronto is in the east, and technically their game matters more to the standings? I wanna win every game. I want Hank in net against the Sharks, let Vally handle the Maple Leafs of the world.

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