Friday, November 4, 2011

From Outhouse to Penthouse: How about Avery on the top line?

Maybe I'm crazy.

But... It feels like the star's are aligning.

The Rangers had finally hit on a hot line combination for 2 straight games. And the top line was Gaborik, Stepan and Wolski - with Richards slipping down to center Dubi and Calli.

But Woskli had an "ouch my groin is really sore" experience and had to abandon a first period shift after just 19 seconds on the ice. The injury forced the Mad Shuffler Tortorella to change his lines yet again - and the result was: no goals by the forwards last night.

Okay - so the Rangers will face Montreal tomorrow.

And - we have activated a player who just cleared re-entry waivers - a guy you might remember who goes by the name of SEAN AVERY.

And - We have a hole on the Gaborik line with Wolski out.

And - The other lines were clicking when Wolski was matched with Stepan and Gab.

-So - Tortorella may just decide to PUT AVERY ON GABORIK's LINE.

Of course - Torts hates Sean - so it's unlikely. But, wow, does it ever make sense right now. Aves is the only guy on the club who can skate as fast as Gabs, and he can draw attention, muck in the corners, and deliver the puck.

Like I said - the stars are aligning. Avery - Gaborik, and Stepan. Sounds good, right?

Let's go Rangers - and - Let's go Sean!

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