Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What is Brashear's job? Growing trend of sac-less ness

The Kings run Hank over!

Offense is GREAT. Love it. It's super. But championship teams have a Jeff Beukebum. They have a guy that says, "Look at me. Look at my face. I have more scars than brain cells. Do you know what I would be doing if I didn't play hockey?....your wife...what are you going to do about it? Nothing, because we both know I have been to prison...for murder. My point? Don't ever go near my f*cking goalie again."

The Rangers do not have this. They have Brashear...who everyone hates...on both teams. The Rangers defense may have improved offensively, but they are as soft as ever. This is the FOURTH time in the last 3 periods that Hanks has been RUN OVER. (At some point, he's going to get hurt, knocked out of a game, and possibly worse)(This was the Capitals strategy starting in Game 3 in the first round last year, get in Hanks face at all times, run him over when you can get away with it)

The Rangers need to put a stop to this.

The Rangers go back on their now deadly power play.

UPDATE: While on the power play, the Kings Matt Greene trips Lisin in the Kings zone, Rangers go 5 on 3 for 58 seconds.

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