Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Much To Like

The Rangers are supposed to beat 0-3-1 teams like the Maple Leafs at home - and they did - in (eventually) decisive fashion, 7-2. But still, an impressive win, especially after playing the day before as they did.

Tortorella, and to some degree, Sather, continue to look like very smart guys. They throw Valiquette Sunday at the tougher opponent and leave the easier game for Hank on Monday - and both ends work perfectly. On back-to-back games it is the Rangers who look the stronger in the 3rd period. And their player moves all look good.

On to our recap.

Special teams again favored the Blueshirts. We nailed 2 power play goals on 6 tries, and killed 3 of four penalties. So our PP conversion now sits a lofty (for us) 22.6% on the season, almost 10% better than last year. And our Penalty Kill - which I had worried about all offseason, sits at 86.2%, within shouting distance of last years 87%. If we continue to win the Special Teams battle - we will win a lot of games.

The Goalies - again, we were dominant. Hank looked sharp and made several great saves after taking a day's rest. With Hank saving 93% of the shots he faced and Toronto's Toskala (and why does his name that sound like a Yiddish word to me?) saved less than 79% - this was a slam dunk win for the Rangers at the goalie position.

The New Veteran Rangers - again looked great. Gaborik: a goal and an assist. Kotalik-the -Cannon an assist, Lisin, an assist, Prospal: 2 assists. Everyone Slats brought in here (with the exception of Don Brashear) seems to be contributing.

A Huge Night of our Returning Favorites: Two Goals for our Sean Avery - welcome back you little madman - we missed you. Two Goals for Girardi. A goal for Callahan. Two assists for Captain Drury. Two assists for Dubinsky. And oh-my-God Wade Redden - a goal and two assists! Quick - somebody trade him while the box score is still in the paper.

And for our New Kids: Two assists for Anisimov, who scored his first NHL goal Sunday. And more NHL-level play from our 19 year old Del Zotto and from Gilroy.

So we're seeing so many good things now. When we get 3 goals for Hank we're undefeated this year. And with the Rangers averaging 4 goals game - we may have lot more Lundqvist wins ahead.

It's just a really good start for our guys. They get a day's rest now, before facing the LA Kings at home on Wednesday. Five straight wins - and along the way - so much to like.

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