Sunday, October 11, 2009

Giguere robs Prospal on the doorstep, 0-0 after 1 period

Great pass from Callahan at the end of the 5 on 3, no look, sets up prospal on the door step, Giguere lunges across the crease to rob Prospal. (the 4th time this young season Prospal has been robbed from short distance in front of the net, he's in the early running for the "I can't finish" award, also known as the "Straka")

Ducks kill the power play, and during the extended power play time the only shot the Rangers got was the one by Prospal.

Rangers are letting the Ducks stay in this game. It's been a period they have completely dominated. As Michelleti so wisely said, "they have been absolutely relentless, anaheim hasn't had any time to make any plays....the only thing the Rangers haven't done is score"

Rangers out shoot Duck 13-1 in first


  1. What's with the "Face Off" painted on the ice this year in the NHL? Imagine if baseball painted "At Bat" into a random patch of grass at every park? Or if football painted "First and Ten"? Or if Nugman got a tattoo reading "Jerk Off" on his face? What is the point of this?

  2. So every goalie is allowed to paint whatever he wants on his helmet. Does the same apply for pads? Vally's are much more obnoxious than Henry's. Could a goalie paint on a pair of women's bare legs, one leg on each pad? Imagine the entertainment of watching split saves, five-hole goals, or one of those head over heels saves where the goalie ends up on his back with his legs in the air? They should make this happen.

  3. Good to have Ray, his internet, and beligerant drunken posts back.