Monday, October 12, 2009

Leafs pick up their play, does it matter?

Leafs pick up their play a bit and have actually put a couple of good shots on goal, but Hank has been up to the challenge. Think the Leafs are aware of the 3 goals for Hank rule? (3-0-0 this season when scoring 3 or more goals for Hank)

We've reached the midway point in the game (10:00 minutes left in second period), Leafs are down 3-1, on pace to lose 6-2. I wonder if Leafs coach Ron Wilson would consider this a "big boost" or some sort of moral victory.

UPDATE: Hanks stops his SECOND breakaway of the game. (Unacceptable to give up a breakaway a season to a winless team in my book) Of course it came on a puck Redden couldn't handle...on a bad pass from brashear. Brashear and Redden possibly setting up an opposition goal? I don't believe it. Instead, they were just setting up Hank to get some practice for the first shoot out of the season. If we ever have one. (Didn't seem like the Rangers had a shoot out every 3 games for the last 2 seasons? None so far thru 5+ OT even? Crazy what scoring goals does.)

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