Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting ready to blog...for the 4th place Rangers

What do I love about Dave pucks? (in the man hug, not man love sort of way) I love the enthusiasm for the Rangers. I love the never ending belief that in the end, the blueshirts will prevail, and their followers will be standing right with them on the mountain top, looking down at the "wait till next year" scum of the world.

What peeves me about Dave Pucks....a complete lack of recognition of the actual standings, resulting in me having to constantly change them more than I already would have to.

The Rangers, bless their mighty 5 win in a row hearts....are in 4th place in the Eastern conference...not tied for first. Hockey (dated with many of its traditions, and ignorant with its playoff format) does not rank teams by point totals, that is, not until 4th thru 8th place anyway. The top 3 spots are reserved for the division champs in each conference, no matter how weak the division, the champ of that division will still at worst, be a top 3 seed. The Rangers currently TRAIL the penguins, since while they may both be tied with 10 points, the Rangers have already lost the head to head matchup, which means the Rangers are second to the penguins in the Atlantic...which means 4th overall. So while I do enjoy seeing them atop the standings, it is somewhat factually inaccurate. It would be like saying Wade Redden is a good player. Is he capable of good games? Sure. Was he once good? Absolutely. Is he good now? Only if the definition of "good" has changed to "I hope he goes on IR to free up cap space".

Nugman will be around for in game blogging tonight, so be sure to check in. (And sign up to be a follower, down on the right hand side. There may seem like there are no benefits to doing it, because there are none, but you do get to write comments! And that can be rewarding...possibly, depending on your quality of life I guess. Let's say you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, and a good job...probably not worth it. But if you live on your mom's pullout couch? Not only might it be worth it, but we have something in common to discuss!)

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