Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pre-game thoughts

I try not to think too much before the game, because thinking only leads to bad things

Dave Pucks, I am going to need a education on your definition of the phrase "a little older". Last I checked, I am an underachiever in his mid 20's with his whole mediocre at best life ahead of him. Where as you....well....probably more days behind you then ahead of you, ya know?

As for drinks in the city, I have put it on my list of things to do. organize a blueshirt Brothers drinking fiesta for a Rangers playoff game at a bar in the 2012 or so. (Once I can afford the train fare into the city)

As for the Rangers game, not much to say. It's the Kings. Has anyone ever met a Kings fan? Sports is great because unlike politics, or religion, where your choices are usually limited and equally terrible, there is a wide variety of teams and cities for one to devote their allegiance to. I've known Bills fans, Texans fans, Oakland A's fans, Diamondbacks fans, Avalanche fans, Golden State Warriors fans, all while spending most of my life in the tri state area.....but has ANYONE ever met a Kings fan? I know it was cool for Hollywood idiots to root for the Kings in the Early 90's when the Great One was in town, kind of like its cool now to tell people to vote for Democrats or Die (and then not vote themselves). But are there Kings fans anymore? It's LA....who cares?

Trend to look for tonight: The Rangers have converted 7-22 (31.8%) on the power play the last 4 games....and the Kings penalty kill (63.2%), is tied for 3rd worst in the NHL

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