Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh My God

I really have no idea what to say. How could we lose to the Islanders?

The Islanders?

We lost to a team that hasn't won in regulation since April?

How is this even possible?

I knew the Islanders would be pumped to play us in their building. I even figured they'd score a few. But we got one goal? And from Parenteau in his NHL Ranger debut, no less.

So from the rest of the squad: From Prospal and Lisin and Avery and Kotalik and Del Zotto and Anis and Duby - we get nothing?

And we don't even rest Hank?

I'm kind of speechless here. If a team can be 8-4-1 and hit rock bottom - we have done it.

And if I listen carefully I swear I can hear Tortorella yelling all the way from Long Island.

Bad day in Ranger-ville. Bad day. At least Nugman was glued to the Yankees and didn't have to witness this.

And you know - it is downright eerie that both Brashear and Nugman were absent for all 3 of the recent losses. They're both still 8-1. I can't even contemplate what that means.

I'm signing off and will post a more coherent recap tomorrow. Or I will jump off my terrace. One or the other.

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