Saturday, April 18, 2009

Almost Too Good To Be True

The Rangers are surprising me - they are doing better than I would have dared hope they would.

After the Caps tied up game One at 3 goals a piece early in the 3rd period of game one - I never dreamed that the Rangers would shut out the incredible Caps offense for the next 78 minutes (and 18 seconds - but who's counting?) - winning 2 tough road playoff games in the process.

And what a great pass by Naslund under Poti's stick to feed Callahan for the game winner.

The Rangers have now won 5 straight games - and what a perfect time to get on their hottest streak of the year.

And the Caps have to be reeling - they've apparently ditched their starting goalie - maybe forever. Because how do you go back to Theodore now unless Varlamov stumbles badly. Washington is burning that bridge.

That best player in hockey - Alex Ovechkin - has now launched 19 shots on goal and Henrik Lundqvist in two games. He has no goals. His playoff plus-minus is zero.

Meanwhile our own Ryan Callahan has 5 shots on goal, one goal (a game winner) and is plus 2 for the series.

And if you add the playoffs and regular season together: Callahan is plus 10.

That guy Ovechkin? Almost as good as Callahan at plus 9.

Now the Caps are an explosive team - if they get a whiff of success they may very well come storming back into the series. But we've won the two road games I said we needed. Now we just need the 2 of 3 at home I was hoping to get.

Game 3 coming. We have to win or we give back one of our two hard fought road wins.

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