Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dave Pucks At The Garden for Game Four

Okay folks. Dave Pucks - your faithful reporter - has decided to take matters into his own hands and will cheer our heroes (hopefully) on to victory IN PERSON tomorrow night.

Thanks to the kindness of a very good friend (and great Ranger Fan) I will be attending game four on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden.

And to keep you all (and Nugman) company - if we can work out the technical logistics - I will be blogging to you tomorrow directly from the Worlds Most Famous Arena - a Blueshirt Brothers First.
Looking forward to the game itself - I'm reaching for positives here. The Caps have some history of getting overconfident and sloppy and then really pulling together when the pressure is on. If so - there is the chance they now think they have the series won and will come in sky high and wild - giving the Rangers the chance to take advantage.

The other observation - the Caps tend to exhaust themselves. The key for the Rangers is to hang on early - through the first few minutes - through the first period - for as long as they can. If the Caps don't go up early they will start to get more and more frustrated.

So here's hoping our guys can pull this off. But honestly - have you ever felt worse about a 2-1 series lead than you do about this one?

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