Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rangers lead 1-0 after 1

Bruce Boudreau said it best when interviewed during the first, "They had one scoring chance, and capitalized on it"

The Rangers are being outplayed again, with most of the play on their side of the ice. When they get it into the Capitals zone, they are putting very little pressure on Varlamov. It's going to be that type of series for the Rangers, they can't match up in skill, so they have to capitalize EVERY chance they get. The rangers have had only TWO legit shots on goal in the first period, and only one scoring chance, scored a goal.

The rangers have maintained their hitting advantage from game one, which has been key to breaking up some Capitals passes. The Rangers were credited with 16 hits in period one (35 all game one), to just 6 for Washington. The first 5 minutes the rangers were back on their heels in their zone, playing the puck, which caused three GREAT scoring chances on Hank. Since then, the defense has started taking the body, and limited some of the chances for this dangerous Washington team.

On faceoffs, Rangers had a solid period, going 9/18 (50%), they have to stay there, if not better, to pull this one out.

Hank...amazing again. Just amazing. The capitals should have at least 2, legit 3 goals after one. Hank with 13 saves in the first period.

Area of concern for the Rangers, they had ZERO penalties called on them in the first. I know that's good news, but in the world of referee and make up calls, it is bad. The caps have been called for two penalties, and the second one was very questionable. Being the home team, down a game, with the crowd on their side, and a suspect call, the refs will be looking to screw the Rangers on ANYTHING close in the second period, putting the Caps on 1-2 undeserved powerplays for the remainder of the game. The rangers start the second with about 1:50 of powerplay time, they HAVE to score.

So far Chris Drury has been a non-factor, the physical play is something he just can't take part in right now.

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