Friday, April 24, 2009

2-0 Caps after 1

Tough first period for the Rangers. Their 5 on 5 play was actually quite strong (still not generating offense, but defensively a very strong job against the Caps). The problem is once again the penalties, and special teams. The Rangers gave the Caps 3 power plays, one of them canceling a Rangers power play. The Caps went 0 for 3, but put a lot of pressure on the Rangers, and more importantly, gave the Rangers almost no offense for 5 minutes of the first.

The real killer for the Rangers is that they HANDED THE CAPS TWO GOALS. It is not a smart move to give another team a free goal at any time, but two? In their building? Rozsival fell down for what feels like a season long problem with this team. Rozsival or Redden falling down at the blue line and giving up a short handed chance the other way. Bradley beat hank up stairs with a great back handed shot. Then in a very "brodeur" off moment, Hank gave up maybe the worst goal of his young playoff career. An incredibly soft goal, from a bad angle, once again from Bradley.

The Rangers may have played their best period of the series, but the difference is Hank wasn't Hank.

I am not with Dave just yet. A 2-0 game is not over, and I am in no mood to bench Hank. Let's see what the second period brings. Rangers get a quick goal, and they are right back in this game. But they HAVE TO GET SHOTS ON GOAL. They went almost 7 minutes to start the game without a shot on Varlamov. The kid is not being tested.

In a game where we need the veterans to step up, Dubinsky has been the Rangers best forward (after arguably being their best forward in Game 4). Need someone to give Doobie some help.

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