Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Dawn of a new day, the dawn of a new blog? (not here - but maybe elsewhere)

I think I have a rash between my legs. Went for a nice long run this morning and now have this incredible itching sensation between my thighs. I've been using the same underwear for the last few days because I don't want to buy laundary detergent, so that could be the cause, but who really knows? Life throws you a curveball from time to time, gotta roll with it. *

So in between ointment treatments I checked my email and discovered one of our loyal followers thinks we should turn this blog into a "New York Sports" blog. One that covers all our New York teams in depth, while giving credible analysis about the rest of the teams around the country in other cities of far less stature, importance, and cultural significance (like Boston). At first I didn't like the idea, because it meant more effort on my part. If you couldn't tell with the underwear story (see about 2-3 inches on your screen above), effort is not so much a strength for me, as it is an alarming weakness. That said, I have had some time to think this over, and I am starting to like the idea. While I do love the Rangers more than I will ever love any of my future children, my truest passion in the sporting world is baseball, and the 26 time World Champion New York Yankees. (Also a devout follower of the New York Giants, and the once proud New York Knicks)

I know Dave is with me on the Giants, I have no idea about his basketball loyalties, and I could have sworn he once told me he was less passionate about baseball, but if he did follow it, he followed that team from Queens. I think we could provide a wide array of coverage and insightful knowledge, and it would allow this thing to go year round. (If Dave Pucks really thinks I am going to blog about the rumor mill in the NHL off season come mid June, his brain is in worse shape then my inner thighs) Normally I would ask Dave if he is interested in doing this privately through email, but I think it is important to have some discussion among our loyal 5 or so readers. (That and Dave would be doing pretty much all the layout changes, and wouldn't we have to change the name of this thing also? Something with NewYorkSports in it, any ideas?)

Anyway, I leave it to you. Dave, and our family of five readers, what say you? (NHL picks to come later)

* no relevance, just thought you should know who your dealing with here


  1. I am on board for adding Yankees and nudity to this blog.

  2. Deff need to expand this blog to all new york sports. Could cover all things yankee related and to a lessor extend how bad Wright and that team from Queens sucks. I think that this needs to go in the direction of a barstoolsports, except without the gay name, the gay coverage of boston and way more hot chicks.

  3. At the same time? (Ex. Arod in central park sunbathing?)

  4. Heck Yea! Definitely should go ahead with this. I think Dave and Nugman provide insightful, interesting and entertaining analysis for all things Rangers - so why not add Yankees and Giants and Knicks (and Mets and Jets if we must - even cover relevant teams from lesser cities such as Boston and Tamba Bay)

    That would attract fans of multiple sports and multiple teams to the site and I think this thing could really take off and dethrone ESPN as the sports network (ESPN is only popular because it is one of the ONLY places to get sports - with a better alternative like blueshirtbrothers, people will actually now have a choice)

    I kind of like keeping the original site name (blueshirtbrothers is cool and has a ring to it) and I think you could promote this thing as the better alternative to espn ("sick of Chris 'back back back' berman, sick of karl ravech and his weasel face, sick of Scott Van Pelt and his shiny head, sick of Stuart Scott and his wandering eye - then come check out - we cover all sports - the right way - and the worst that will happen is you may wake up with a rash between your legs, but at least you will have all the news about your favorite new york team")

    and I think after a few weeks of building the site into a comprehensive new york sports website - you could start viral advertising on the internet (facebook, myspace, and get a nice following

    maybe I am just being selfish because I want all my new york sports covered as the Rangers were for me the last few months

    and maybe I see the potential in this thing

    or maybe I am drunk, regardless, all three are good reasons to go ahead with this

  5. Milligan are you anonymous? Will you f*cking sign up already? (Still waiting for Dave Pucks okay to drop the f bomb. Normally I wouldn't care, but he does have a child present and all)

  6. If Will is at work, I'm going with he's drunk

  7. Nugs - add the Steinbrenners to this Rangers Blog? That must be the itchiness talking - or (forgive me) a RASH Decision.

    Look - Nugman - if you wanna blog NY Giants I am so there. Baseball too. But dude, not here, not on the Rangers Blog.

    If a blog's about everything it's about nothing. On the internet I think we need focus - so Ranger fans (or Giant's fans) can find us. No one type "New York Sports Teams" into google looking for a NYC sports blog.

    BUT - there's no reason we can't start up another blog or two. This one can refer and link to the others. That way you get what you want but we keep the focus.

    I'm taking down the Yankees logo. No disrespect - just clear and proper branding.

    I'm saying Big Blue Brothers. And maybe BaseBall Brothers - where we can fight about the Mutts and the Stanks.

    Just say the word and I'll set the other blogs's up. Then we get cross promotion and focus instead of blurred branding.

  8. For the time being, I am a one (or none) blog sort of man, Rangers it is. Picks to come later.

  9. Yes - the lack of nudity and those silly $%$#@#& charcters in words like F*ck - you can blame on me. Trying to keep this classy enough so that young kids (like mine) can follow along.

  10. Gotta think long term goals Dave. Will 10 year old ranger fans looking for insightful internet coverage on their team stumble upon us and return more and more, leaving their recess time to come into the library and check out the blueshirt brothers? (which will prob be blocked by the school IT staff) Or will pathetic drunk older men, like Will, looking for violence, graphic nudity, and in depth sports coverage be our backbone?

    Hockey picks are being added, I'm not going to spend much if any time thinking about them. I was going to but...who cares? Rangers are done, so is my interest.

  11. if you can figure out a way to link the three blogs - then it would be kind of cool to have BlueshirtBrothers, Big Blue Brothers and Baseball Brothers with links to each different blog at the top of each individual blog, then each blog could be focused on the relevant sport/team - while still maintaing an overarching theme and cohesiveness (so it would still be one source, but also maintain the integrity of each separate blog's material)

    I feel like you want to be able to market "Dave and Nugman" - the concept and entity - your unique humor and analysis - so you would want the blogs to be linked in some capacity, so people knew they were getting what they really came to the blog to get (Dave and Nugman's views on the teams they love) as opposed to three randomly different blogs with different fan bases

    so I see Dave's point in maintaining the integrity of each blog's focused topic - rangers, giants, yanks/mets - but I also think it is important to package the three as one thing so it is easier to market (and I think would result in more successful marketing)

    all this is in my opinion - i think you guys did a great job with blueshirt brothers, so whatever you decide I am sure will be best - I just wanted to throw this out there

    and I am pretty sure I am not drunk.....yet....I have some respect for my temple of a body, I at least wait til the afternoon

  12. Is this the same temple of a body where a rib voluntarily shattered simply from lacing up the old sneakers?

  13. Nugs - we can off line that part of the discussion. In the offseason fan interest drops - so we can cut way back on posts here - especially after a while. And if we blog more often on a Giants blog - we can make a note there when something new shows up here (and vice versa)

    But like you say - more teams + more blogs means more work for both of us. So think about it.

    Also there are a sh#tload of blogs about the Yanks and Giants - some really good ones too. Much fewer about this hockey team.

  14. Thanks for your comments Will (and Ray). And all you lurkers out there - drop in a comment or two - we won't bite.

    Nugman - you've opened a can of worms now - Will wants all 3 blogs from us. (Thanks for the good wishes Will)

  15. Will wants the world. He always has. He'll get nothing and like it. It's the only way to stop him. Once you give, he just keeps coming for more. He's like one of those predators on NBC dateline with Chris Hanson. He'd walk 500 miles just to see us start a new blog. He's tenacious.