Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rangers Lose 5-3, it's going to a GAME SEVEN

Another no show from the Rangers. Aside from a lot of effort from Callahan, and a "decent" game from Dubinsky, no Rangers really showed up today. The passing was not crisp all game, and the team really never seemed that into it.

We are letting a young goalie beat us, and we aren't testing him at all.

Rangers add an irrelevant goal from Staal with 5 seconds left to make the game look closer than it was, lose 5-3.

We can talk about what the Rangers need to do for Game 7 later, time to drink till we pass out.

(By the way, by far the best defenseman for either team in this series through 6 games, Tom Poti. 4 points in Game 6 (1 goal, 3 assists))

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  1. So - it all comes down to game seven. Just give Hank one more lead. That's all he needs. One lead and we'll hold it and win the series.