Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rangers come out with Good energy...Caps strike first

Rangers skating well in the opening minutes to this one, not creating a lot of offense, but Doobie just made a fantastic move on a Caps defenseman to get a quality scoring chance on Varlamov, but the young goalie was up to the task. So far the energy has been high and the skating good on both sides, the weakest part to the game has been the announcing, where Doc Emmrick and Eddie Olchyk have actually uttered these two statements:

1) "For the rangers, they probably want Ovechkin to have the puck, because he is easier to defend that way"

Umm, when Ovechkin has the puck, my heart stops beating.

2) "You know, more so than maybe the Caps, this is a must win for the Rangers, this is their game 7."

Pretty sure if the Caps lose, they are done. Almost positive. Perhaps they need to win more?

As I was writing this, turnover in the Rangers zone, Caps take advantage and score. We have to be stronger in our zone. Rangers going on the power play, need to get it done here.

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  1. Doc's comment about it being better when Ovie has the puck - a lot like our "Vortex" concept. Not that I agee with that anymore...