Sunday, April 26, 2009

All Caps going to the third

Ovechkin picks up his third goal of the series on a deflection from 15 feet out in front of Hank. The announcers harping on the fact that the Caps are now capitalizing on their power play, 2 for 2 today, not really mentioning that Betts has been gone for both of them. Hope the league reviews brasheer's hit on betts and does the same due dilligence they did with Torts.

Rangers will be on the power play when the third period starts, but they are down 5-1.

The announcers did a decent job in the second saying what I have been all season about the Rangers power play. Guys like Redden and Rozsival are sitting out at the blue line and refuse to pinch in, attack the open ice, and put any pressure on the defense, so the Rangers end up having 4 guys who are in a position where they are unable to score on the power play, and the Rangers only have one guy down low, he's usually undersized, and even that one guy refuses to get in front of the Caps goalie.

Rangers need to come back and win this thing if for no other reason then to shut up Pierre Mcguire and get him off his pedestal screaming about the Rangers body language and their no show performance so far today.

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