Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rangers get ABSOLUTELY DOMINATED in the 2nd....

...all except Hank.

Wow. You will rarely see one playoff team absolutely destroy another one, like the Capitals just did to the Rangers. Even more rare, seeing the team that got destroyed win the period 1-0.

Drury's goal was the only one of the period, the Rangers lead 2-0 heading to the third, but it feels like they are down 5-2.

In the second period, the opening minute you knew the Rangers were in a LOT of trouble. There power play didn't move the puck, they turned it over twice in their own zone, and from there on out, the Capitals just dominated. The rangers went TWELVE MINUTES in the second period without a shot on goal. And the vast majority of that time, they were lucky to get the puck past center ice and to the Caps side. The Caps completely took over, controlled the puck, and did whatever they wanted...except scoring. Hank stood on his head again, making NINETEEN second period saves, giving him 28 thru two periods. I guess the Caps didn't enjoy getting outshot in the first, outshooting the Rangers 19 to.....5.

They had odd man rushes, they had two more power plays, two power plays that lasted an eternity. The second one, the rangers couldn't get a line change. Their players were so exhausted, they couldn't get a clear, had to take an icing, and torts had to use the only timeout to try and give them a breather, but to no avail, the Caps kept the pressure on and wouldn't let the puck out of the zone.

One other thing that killed the Rangers in the second period, as the home team, they had the long distance to go on all their changes. So to change a line the Rangers need to dump ALL THE WAY DOWN to the Caps end, and they just weren't able to, the play was always in the Rangers zone. The Rangers were just not able to get off the ice. A lot of long shifts, they should get some help by switching sides for the third period, and getting the shorter change, but the Rangers have a LONG twenty minutes to go. They have to be completely exhausted, the question is how much to the Caps, and Hank, have left in the tank.

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