Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pre-Game Notes

- Rangers have a lot of guys on their squad that have been to game 7 (Chris Drury, this will be his 9th game 7, currently 4-4; Scott Gomez will be playing his 6th game 7, he is 4-1), but on the Caps, it's just Federov who has any real Game 7 experience, aside from the teammates that were there for last year's game 7 loss at home to the flyers.

- If the Rangers do suffer an devestating loss, expect an ABUSIVE article from Larry Brooks in the New York Post. Watched an interview that John Tortorella did with him where Torts refused to answer Brooks' question about how Torts felt about the Game 6 suspension. It got ugly quickly.

- Rangers blocked 52 shots in the first two games (26 a game) of this series. Hank looked amazing, team went 2-0.

- Last 4 games the Rangers have blocked 51 shots (13 a game), Hank has been lit up, the team is 1-3

- Rangers are 3-0 career in Game 7's at home.....0-4 in Game 7's on the road

- Tort's is 2-0 as a coach in Game 7's

- Markus Naslund has just 7 shots on goal the last 4 games.....Ovechkin will most likely get 7 shots on goal in a period during this game.

- What does all this mean? Absolutely nothing. Rangers came into this series heavy underdogs, picked to be swept or taken out in 5 quick games. They find themselves 60 minutes away from an enormous upset, and a trip to Boston. (Which I badly want) They need 60 minutes of no giveaways, 60 minutes of discipline and no stupid penalties, 60 minutes of diving infront of loose pucks and physical play, they need someone to step up and have the game of his life, who will it be?

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