Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Around the league....wow

Penguins take control of their Philly series, and that prediction looks all but locked up. Philly is now going to have to win the next three, including two on the road.... meaning.... blair betts should get an assist on ending their season.

For the Devils....WOW. You won't see a worse playoff loss/beat.....EVER. The team was up 2 games to 1, on the road, they win this game and they go home with a chance to clinch, but not just game 5, they would have 3 games, 2 at home, needing only one win to avoid the upset most are predicting. They come out and get absolutely dominated for most of the first two periods, and get down 3-0. Comebacks from 3 goals down in the NHL playoffs occur about as often as Ovechkin NOT celebrating a goal. Somehow, the devils do it though, they come back to tie the game at 3. The Carolina crowd is dead. The game looks like it is going to go to OT with all the momentum in Jersey's favor, the clock is ticking down, 3....2....1...the puck is at the BLUE LINE, Dennis Seidenberg takes a last second slap shot at brodeur, and Jussi Jokinen deflects it in front of the net, the puck goes in right as the clock hits zero!

They had to review it, because the NHL is not like the NBA or NFL. There, you only need one second to get a play off, but that play could then run for a thousand seconds past zero on the clock, and it still counts. In the NHL, the puck has to be across the goal line before zero, or it doesn't count. The review shows, the puck was totally across the goal line....with 0.2 seconds left in the game! The devils come back from 3 goals down, and on the verge of OT give up a goal with less than ONE SECOND LEFT! What an awful loss, they return to Jersey now 2-2, and it's a best of 3 series, looking like it may go 7.

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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a playoff game lost with 0.2 on the clock before. Of course it's not like the NBA where the shot continues to count after time expires. In the NHL it has got to cross the goal line before the buzzer sounds to count. So if Marty had even slowed it down - even if it trickled in off his pads - it probably would have not have been a goal. It must be so devastaing for the Newark team - and maybe they're starting to get a sick feeling about their "Best Ever" goaltender. Maybe the Devils see what we see - that Marty was always over rated - that his skills are clearly diminishing - and that the Devils are obligated to stick with him as his talent erodes. In short - it's the "feel good" story of the day for Ranger fans in need of a little boost.