Monday, April 27, 2009


The Washington Capitals throw a malicious cheap shot at Blair Betts’ head – giving him a concussion – and putting him out for game seven - with no response from the refs? They run over Hank (see photo) without consequence? They humiliate us on our own building?


The Capitals management fail to respond to our teams request for more security in game 5, they leave us dangling, they let the Capitals fans throw beer on our coach – they let them Spit on our players - and the league responds - by suspending Tortorella?


The TV talking heads announce the series is over in the first period – they congratulate the Caps on winning a game 7 that is two days away - and start slamming our Rangers for a lack of effort?


We've been outshot, out scored, out-goaltended for God's sake, injured, laughed at, and left for dead.


But the TV pundits, the refs, the Capitals, the city of Washington, the NHL, have all forgotten one thing:

We’re not dead yet.

This series didn’t end on Sunday. The Capitals tied us. They evened the series at 3 games a piece. That’s all. Game 7 hasn’t even started yet. The score there is still 0-0. We’re not trailing anyone.

We’re still breathing.

We may be wounded. We may have lost momentum. We may have our backs to the wall now. But all that means is - we now have our first real must-win game of the series.

And we can win game seven.

Look – the Caps are good. But they can lose a hockey game. And rest assured, this opponent has royally torqued off John Tortorella. He got to watch them in great detail from the skybox in game 6. And this is a proud man, a smart man, a Cup-Winning coach, who now wants to beat the Caps in their building more than he has wanted anything else in his life.

The Caps will show up Tuesday expecting a coronation. Instead they are going to get the fight of their lives.

The time has come. We are New York Rangers. We are the hockey heart and soul of our city. We are an Original Six Hockey club that was playing in the NHL and winning the cup long before Ovechkin was born.

We can do this. We can rise up. We can tell the world “Enough!” and win one more hockey game with pride and anger, with Guts and Goaltending. You can do it men. Let's Go Rangers.

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