Sunday, April 26, 2009

GAME 6, NOW or....possibly never

For those of you as worried as Dave Pucks, let me put your minds at ease. No, I don't have a problem with cutting myself, nor do I consider it a reasonable option for watching my hockey team lose a road game. I found after the Yanks lost to the Dbacks in 2001 it was much more rewarding to try and smother yourself with a pillow. It's pretty ineffective in terms of long term damage, but it puts you to sleep real fast, which is nice.

As for today's game, need to see the Rangers from Game 4 (keep in mind, that team still got badly outplayed), but that team started the Game strong, and played with a lot of energy that was just non-existent in Game 5. Hank has to stand on his head one more time, going to need a "1 goal or less" performance to win this thing I think. Which ranger will step up? Antropov? Avery? Gomez? will someone find some offense? Will Zherdev find his game before the season ends?

No torts behind the bench. Sounded like a really good decision by the league. I heard they interviewed the Caps fans that threw the beer on Torts, and also interviewed the Capitals Security personal, who get their checks signed by the Caps, and they also confirmed that the fans did nothing to provoke or warrant Torts reaction. It's clearly just a case of an incredibly undisciplined coach (....ooops, not true), watching his team trailing in a series (...ooops, not true), and the guy has no experience handling losing or big playoff games, especially on the road (...ooops, he actually is the only coach in the East to win it all, and has coached in Much, MUCH, bigger games), so he randomly decided it was a good idea to spray water all over some incredibly polite and victimized fans. At least that's what the NHL expects me to believe. What incredible horsesh*t.

"Torts being here has won us a lot of games, and we gotta win this one for him." - Chris Drury

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