Friday, April 24, 2009

See you in Game 6

Well, the Rangers had three shots at it, now they have two. This one isn't over....technically. But the chances of the Rangers scoring 5 goals in the next period (or 4 to send to OT), after scoring just 3 goals the last 11 periods......well they are remote. (Also, Rangers have NEVER come back from 4 goals down in playoffs, and no NHL team has in almost 25 years)

I am now on board with resting Hank for the third, no reason to have him out there to potentially get injured or to let the Caps hang 6 or 7 goals on him heading into Game 6.

Even if Hank doesn't give up a soft goal tonight, and even if he plays like the Hank of the first 5 games, and even if Ovechkin doesn't score an AMAZING goal, how are the Rangers going to win a game where they have only TEN SHOTS thru two periods? And honestly, other than one shot from Doobie, where Varlamov had to sprawl for the save (but Doobie had no angle, and couldn't shoot, had to try and push the puck through Varlamov's arm), Varlamov has not been tested with a single shot all game, nothing.

The Rangers aren't creating ANYTHING. Their best line has been doobie, callahan, and korpikofski, and they have really only generated two chances, neither of which generated any great shots.

Ron Dugay just said both teams look like crap, and he's right, just Washington looks like less crap. Ugly game, especially for Rangers fans.

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