Friday, April 17, 2009

Drury Probable* for Game 2

Still don't know exactly what is hurting Chris Drury. I have read it is his wrist, but also his....leg. Not sure how there can be confusion over that. When I watched him in the pregame skate before game one, he was stretching his legs a LOT, so I am going to assume it is a leg injury. Anyway, he was out skating again yesterday and sounded somewhat optimistic for a Game 2 return after missing the first playoff game of his career.

"Everyday it's getting a little better," Drury said. "I certainly don't want to be watching on TV in the coach's room, that's for sure."

I feel like there is approximately a 0% chance Drury is missing Game 2. I feel like he would eat nails to play in Game 2. I feel like he is going to score the game winning goal in Game 2 and the young Caps are going to start to fall apart like Ovechkin's teeth.
As much as I would love Game 2 to be tonight, pretty sure the schedule could not have worked out better for the Rangers. (I do not say that often) Always love when the more veteran team in the playoffs (the Rangers), gets an extra day between intense road games to rest. Always love when the younger favorite has an extra day to think about what they did wrong, and how they now HAVE TO win 4 out of 6 games against a playoff team. Then add in that an extra day gets us one day closer to Drury being a factor in this playoff series, and I am quite content with sitting around watching the Yankees today and starting my drinking at 1 pm instead of 7.
* Note: Absolutely no one anywhere has used the word "probable" for Drury in Game 2, I just feel like if he didn't play, that would be an absolute crime against my sensibilities and fragile psyche, and might cause me to hang myself. So let's shoot for Probable.


  1. As much as I make fun of the Ragers for not revealing injuries - in a sport where many player will intiate contact with clear intention to injure - often with no penalty - it does make sense. I think our best guess is that Drury got hurt blocking a shot against the Flyers. I'm hoping Nug's wishes reach the Hockey Gods and Drury gets out there tomorrow.

    ...What I love is that when Capital's Coach Bruce Boudreau was asked if Theodore would start game two he did NOT give his netminder the green light. He declined to name who was going to start in goal for the Caps tomorrow.

    So Torts is just running rings around Boudreau (is that an anagram for the Newark Goalie's name?). Torts amps up the pressure on Theodore by calling him out - then Boudreau further undermines him by publicly contemplating dumping his starter after one bad game.

    But if you consider the 2 times Calahan hit the cross bar - the Cap's backstop had himself a horrendous day that could have easily gone worse than it did. Keep up the good work, "JoTheo".

  2. Also when asked about the goalie situation, Boudreau went as far as to say that the 20 year old back up was 4-0-1 this season, and that he has experience in the russian premier league so he has played infront of big crowds. That's not exactly a, "Theodore is my guy" sort of endorsement. Sounds more like a justification for pulling the trigger in game 2 and trying to lay the groundwork for "this is not a panic move, this guy is really good".

  3. And if the Caps pull that panic move in game 2 - and lose. Then what? Throw Theo back out there in the Garden for game 3 - after showing him you're only using him because you have nowhere else to turn?

    What a differece a game makes. Suddenly the Caps look like row of dominoes.